Are you going to NOLA?

I've been to enough signings to see how hectic things can be sometimes. You have your money, you're carrying your books, you're trying to pay, get your books signed AND have a conversation with an gets quite complicated. Anyway, I'm going to have all three of my books there and I figured that if you're coming and getting any from me and want to pay for yours now so that I can hold it for you, I've created this sheet for you. If you'd like to really take advantage of this and have Cole sign your Darkness Series books, please specify that so that I can have him personalize it for you. I'll still sign your book there, but this will cut the hassle in half and give us more time to chat ;).

Book Purchasing Link

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PS. I'll have some giveaways at the event, but I'll post more about those when we get closer. *I'm SOOOOOO excited!!!!*