HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This Thanksgiving I have even more things to be thankful for than I did last year, which is pretty crazy. This year I am thankful for you, and you, and you. You may not have emailed me, you may not have left me a review for any of my books. Maybe you haven't even bought them, maybe they were loaned to you, who knows, who cares. The point is, I'm still grateful to you for picking up any of them (or all of them) and reading them. Thank you for giving my stories a chance. Thank you for letting me steal you away from your work (sorry, boss), your chores (sorry, husband/wife/child/dog/cat), and your family (refer to previous apology). Thank YOU for your support. In honor of this thank you thing, I'm going to be doing two things: one is the giveaway (I know, SHOCKER, I'M HAVING A GIVEAWAY LOL) that I'm going to post here. The other is a book sale for Black Friday. Now, I have a huge thing about Black Friday and people going out like madmen/women to shop for material things when the point of the damn holiday is to spend quality time with your loved one buuutttt at the same time, I understand wanting to jump on some of these bargains. Whatever, to each his own! I can't go to stores on Black Friday bc I panic (bad experience one year trying to get a stupid tickle me Elmo. NEVER. AGAIN). I'm not going to tell you which book will be on sale yet, I'll probably post it tonight since that's when I'm changing the price (for the day, not the weekend, the day). Sorry, I go off on tangents. If you're still reading, bless you and I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving! Good luck!

OH YEAH, the bookmarks can also be easily made into bracelets. How cool is that?!

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