30 Day Book Challenge: Day 7: A book that changed my opinion about something

Crap...this is funny because originally I was racking my brain trying to think of political books or memoirs I've read in the past, when the answer was right under my nose. My answer shall be The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher. You see, I'm not a romance reader (shocker, I know). I've been reading romance for the past year...maybe two? I'm a die hard "mind fuck, scare the shit out of me" reader, so I never really made time for romance. I always thought it was stupid corny shit that I hate (look up the definition for corny and romantic, I'm the antonym of that. I suck, I know. My husband = romantic. Me = eh).

Anyway, The Opportunist was not only a great read (because it was written very, very well) but also not your typical romance. It wasn't the first romance I read. In fact, I read my favorite romance book before I read The Opportunist, but when I read this one I thought "I wonder if there are any more romance books like this one...raw...real..." I have to say that even though I did find a few, none were like it. I also have to say that I've read a lot of corny shit since then, and I've enjoyed the hell out of some! lol

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