30 Day Book Challenge. Day 15: My Book Husband

Fictional Freaking Husband. I'm not a book boyfriend reader. I read for story and actually tend to fall in love with the heroine (or whomever is telling the story). Don't get me wrong, I love book guys, but I rarely find one that I'm like "OMG." Kellan Kyle was an "ommgggg...this guuuyyyyy" for me. I loved him. Not a book husband though. There are more on that list but I won't bore you. Book husband...I was stuck between Jamie from Outlander and Shura (Alexander) from The Bronze Horseman. They are both my fictional husbands. They are both SO flawed and so real. They love HARD, the fight HARD, they break, they are broken.THEY ARE REAL MEN. REAL MEN. And Shura and Jamie are that and then some.

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