Random Thought Wednesday

I had a friend in high school (whom I won't "out", but she knows who she is), that used to get very stressed out about tests. She would practically "fail" them before she even took them. Of course, she never really failed them because she was very smart. This girl has a photographic memory, so she would memorize everything, take the test, ace it, and then forget the subject matter the next day. That's besides the point though, the point is that she would get so caught up in the "hype" of the test, that all she would talk about for days was "how bad she was going to do". She and I got into SO many arguments about this. I would get mad because she would always get an A and I was your average C student. You know, the one that pays attention in class, understands the subject matter, but freezes when it came to the actual test? Yeah, that was me. I hated tests. Still do.

Back to my friend and her stressful ways, I was thinking about her today because I notice how much we talk about ourselves. Have you ever noticed? Everything is me, me, me. To the point that sometimes when we speak to people, we zone 80% of what they're saying out because we're too busy constructing what we're going to say when they stop talking. Annoying, isn't it? You know what's even more annoying? The way we talk about something we want to do and hope to do and can't wait to do...but we never end up doing.

Maybe it's because today is September 11th and the day holds so much meaning to it. Today brings sadness because we think about all the innocent lives lost that day, but it also brings hope when we see how many strangers helped others survive. Life rarely gives us second chances, so when it does, shouldn't we take them? Shouldn't we look at the chance, smile and be thankful for it...and USE it instead of talking about it so damn much?

So my thought for the day is: What would you do if you weren't so busy talking about it?

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