Did somebody say 6,000+ "likes"?!

I'm not sure how that happened, but I guess I was living on another planet when I got to 4k "likes" and then 5k "likes", because I completely missed those milestones. The other day a friend of mine pointed out that I had 6k "likes" and I was completely shocked! Thank you for liking my page and supporting me, it means a lot to know people are backing me up. It means more to know most of you have read my books and enjoyed them enough that you want to get my updates and accept me, weirdness and all. So, THANK YOU!

I was trying to figure out what to do to show my appreciation. Then I thought, "Well, duh, Amazon gift card?" But I've done that so often. Whatever, I'll show you how my inner monologue for this went:

"Duh, Amazon gift card."
"But I've done that already."
"It doesn't matter, people love to read."
"But still..."
"What about music?"
"I looove music...yeah, I'll give away an iTunes gift card instead."
"Ugh. But I love music and books..."
"Whatever. Fine. iTunes and Amazon."


If you didn't think I was crazy before, I'm pretty sure I just changed your mind on that idea.

So, to me, writing and music go hand in hand and I've been going to a lot of concerts lately. I've been so blessed because I have amazing babysitters (my mom and mother in law) and I've been able to have nights out with my husband and enjoy good music.

That brings me to my next point, TICKETS! Everybody gets their tickets on StubHub and Ticketmaster...well, the last concert that I really wanted to go to (KILLERS) was sold out on BOTH. Guess who had tickets? GOOD TICKETS. Stubgod!! They seriously never let me down. Games, concerts, they have it all.

Okay, I totally went off on a tangent there. Tomorrow is Tuesday so I'll see about posting a teaser then. I know most of you wanted a Dean teaser, but I can't promise you that because I'm actually writing Catch Me right now. I need to have this book done by the end of next month so yeah...Dean is on hold for now. I may give you a Dean teaser though...or I can give you another Catch Me.
We'll see ;)

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