Karina Halle fans, anyone?

Karina Halle has such a way with words and is an amazing story teller. I've been fortunate enough to read her TAT series in advance, and let me just tell you...it. ROCKS. It's definitely one of my favorite series. It has so much action, so much deceit, so much heartache, so much bloooooddddd (say that in your best zombie voice...LOL). Anyway, you know how I am about books I love, right?

Shooting Scars is set to release on Tuesday (this is when I'll be sending four of you your ebooks).
If you haven't already done it, please do yourselves a favor and go buy and read Sins and Needles and On Every Street. I have no doubt that you will love it. Well, if you're into a plot driven story about a bad ass chick and some BAD guys ;).

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