What's in a name?

Names are SO important to me because in my mind, they shape the way people are. I chose both of my kids names when I was in labor because of my little name issue. Catch Me (the story I'm currently working on) is a recycled story in a sense, so I recycled the characters names from the one I wrote years ago. Nick is the main guy, he's the one I was looking for a new name for, but I love his name so I'm not sure I'll change it. Brooklyn is my girl and her name will stay as is. Hendrix is her brother (that's one of the names I saw on the list ;)). Anyhow, I haven't chosen names from the list given to me by you guys, but I wanted to set up a rafflecopter so that I could still give out 3 ebooks of Resplendent by MJ Abraham.

Thank you SO very much for throwing names my way!! I'll let you know if Nick will get a new one from that list :)

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