Worst blogger ever.

I told you I suck at blogging. The good news is that I've been writing my heart out (quite literally). I go to this little coffee shop (mainly bc they have the best coffee ever), to write, and I have cried FOUR times while writing. I usually wipe my tears quickly and look around to make sure nobody is looking at me, lol. I'm sure they think I am such a weirdo, not that I care. But anyhow, writing is a lot of things and emotionally draining is definitely at the top of the list. Next book I write will be a damn comedy! Probably not, so I guess I'll store that along with "I'm never writing another series again-ever!"

I am just anxious altogether right now. I want to finish, I want it to be great, I feel pressure because if you LOVED the first book but don't LOVE the second it will suck. Mainly, I don't want to let Blake and Cole down. I want to do their story justice, so as long as that translates, I'll  be fine.

I hope you're all having an amazing weekend!

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