What goes on in that head of yours?

That's a question I get...A LOT. So much so, that it should probably either bother me or insult me. I get it, though. I totally do. The people that ask me that question clearly don't "get" me as much as they think they do. If they did, they wouldn't ask because I would be able to ask it right back. Anyhow, I was contemplating this yesterday. This is what happened...

I was on Goodreads, like the good little reader that I am, looking for a "quick, light" read. I searched and searched the books on my TBR. Then I searched to see what my GR friends were reading. Then I decided to pick up a YA and read one chapter and thought, "eh, not in the mood for this." I went to sleep with no book to read. Today, when I was folding laundry, I was still mulling over this whole thing and trying to figure out what light read I was going to buy. Then I thought, "Ooohh...Experiment in Terror. That's what I need." Dude, that shit is supposed to scare the beejesus out of me, but THAT is now the only book I want to read! Will I start tonight? I'm not sure! Will I pick something else up before I get to it? Maybe. BUT that is the book I want to read.

HOW did I go from light to "scary as hell"? The world will never know.

Anyhow, I ended up reading "Game for Marriage". It was short, sweet, and sexy as hell, so that worked. Now, off to write!

Also, I forgot to share this the other day, but TiNLiD has a shop! I'll keep adding on to it, but for now it has enough things for me to share :). http://tinlid.spreadshirt.com