Today, kids, we will discuss haters & other things

Originally, this was going to be a status update on my person page, but I go on these tangents and my rants are too long for statuses. 

Lately I've been seeing (and hearing) a lot of negative remarks about things that have happened involving authors. It's all very high school to me, and if you knew me in high school, you know I don't deal with drama. I hate drama. Always have, always will. I'm not saying I'm NEVER dramatic, because I am a girl and I do have my girl moments (which I hate). What I am saying is that I don't deal with negativity. If you're a negative person and I get a negative vibe from you, I automatically cross you off of my list of people to be nice to. Yes, I am a bitch. Most people know this which is why (I like to think) most people won't cross me. That said, I am also very very an extent. If I like you and I feel like you're "real" I will love you forever and have your back on most things (as long as I think you are right, I will be on your side). If I think you're wrong, I will tell you that I think you're wrong. I don't sugar coat, I don't run around things, I. Just. Tell. You. I'm not for the playing games thing, I'm just not built for bullshit. 

Now. About what started the rant in the first place...I keep hearing about so many different things involving so many different "writers" and it just sickens me. This has nothing to do with me personally, but to those upcoming authors or authors out there dealing with these things (I'm sure you know who you are), I just want to say: "Let it go." Why? Because you can. Because you have to. Because you are better. Also, because karma is a bitch. 

I understand why people's feelings get hurt, I do. My feelings rarely get hurt because...honestly, I don't know the answer to that? I guess maybe I just don't care about much so it's hard for things to get to me. Talk shit about me, I won't care. Talk shit about my can't say I won't care about that, but I'd shrug it off because that is subjective. I probably don't think that "amazing" book you read was as "amazing" as you think it is. That's the cool thing about reading, we all do it differently.  

So somebody didn't like your book? Oh well. Pity party for you. Get over it. You can't please everybody. You shouldn't be writing to please anybody in the first place. If you're writing for sales- stop writing. If you're writing because you want to be the next J.K. Rowling- stop yesterday. If you're writing because you think it is "so cool" that some of these authors are doing so good and you think you can do better than them- STOP. WRITING. Seriously, just stop. 

Write because you love it, write because you cannot live without doing it. Write because all of the voices in your head are driving you insane. Write because it is what you were born to do. It is not easy to publish a book, indie or otherwise. It is not cheap. It is not as fun as you think it is. It is work and time and so much more. You know what? Scratch everything I just said and just write regardless of your reasons for writing. You want to make some money? Write. But I will say this, readers will know and I have never heard of a respectable author that has gotten into this for the money. 

Rant over. 

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