Teaser Tuesday.

Remember that awesome interview with Jack Carter that Cole shared with us? Well, funny story, it's actually real. I mean, it's part of Darkness Before Dawn. You don't get the interview in the book, so you kind of got a "behind the scenes" there ;). Anyhow, here is the teaser....

        “Did you get my ticket?” I ask, suddenly panicking.  

He looks at his watch and exhales. “Yup. Got it while you showered. I hope we make the damn flight. I fucking hate running late.” His voice fades off as he continues to ramble about being late and I stop paying attention. 

“Who are you interviewing?” I ask as I wipe his eyebrow with my thumb. He gives me a slow crooked smile and I stop half wipe and scrunch my eyebrows in expectation. 

“A pitcher from the Mets,” he says in an amused voice, his eyes twinkling. “Number twenty-three.” My hand and mouth drop simultaneously and I can only stare at him as he bites down on his lip to stifle a laugh. 

“You’re interviewing Jack Carter?” I squeal as I turn in my seat to face him. “Like THE Jack Carter? Like Jack Fucking Cater?”  

He begins to laugh and pull me close to him in the seat, but I back away with my hand on his chest and look at him expectantly. “Yes, the Jack Carter,” he says rolling his eyes and air quoting. “Are you going to go all groupie on him and shit? You know, now that I think about it, the only sports item you have in your closet is his jersey. Maybe I’ll make you wait outside while I interview him.” 

I gasp, widening my eyes in disbelief. “You wouldn’t! He’s my favorite player ever! Besides, I have Greg’s jersey too!” 

“Babe, you have Greg’s jersey because it’s Greg. You’re sitting here fucking drooling over Carter and we’re not even in New York yet.” 

“Aww you’re jealous! How cute,” I say playfully as I laugh and take my seat belt off to sit on his lap. “But you know you’re the only guy I would ever drool over, right?” I kiss him on both cheeks and then on the lips. 

“I better be,” he growls as he bites down on my lip. When I shimmy out of his lap and back on to my side of the seat I smile widely at him. 

“He does have a nice ass, though,” I reply trying to hold in my laughter.  

He looks at me with a serious face for a couple of beats before a grin breaks out on his face. “Nice ass?” he asks pursing his lips and nodding his head slowly. “Alright, I’ll remember where your eyes are the next time we’re at a game and the cheerleaders stand in front of us to do their little routine.” 

“Not funny, jerk,” I say sticking my tongue out like a three year old, which makes him laugh and lean in for a kiss before he wraps his arm around my shoulder and tucks me into his side. 

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