Left you hanging?

I keep getting the funniest responses to the end of There is No Light in Darkness. If you read it, you should understand why it ended the way it did. I did write a note at the end of the story saying that I hate cliffhangers, but I had to end this story the way I did.

I keep thinking that I need to rephrase this note. What it should say is: I HATE cliffhangers because I am the most impatient person in the world. I LOVE them because they give me room to imagine and they leave me with something to look forward to. A fellow author pointed out recently that traditionally published series always end cliffy and the sequels take at least a year to come out, yet people don't complain. Why? We (indies) give you these books fairly quickly. I released TiNLiD in January and you'll have DBD (Darkness Before Dawn) this summer.

That's what? A 4-5 month wait? It's not that bad, people. It really isn't :).