Torn Hearts.

I'm going to put up a short prequel to Mia and Jensen's story on WattPad AND on here (I'll figure that one out this weekend). WattPad made me title the story (enter: Torn Hearts), this is NOT the title of Mia and Jensen's story, only the prequel novella. I will reveal the title to the full length book once I'm finished posting the prequel. The prequel will be posted chapter by chapter. Every week you will get a new chapter until I'm finished posting the part I want to show you. You do not *need* to read this "novella" to read their story, it is completely optional. I just thought it would be a fun way for you to get insight on their past :).

If you're on WattPad add me here:

If you're going to be reading on my website, you will find the chapters under "Books" --> "Kaleidoscope Hearts".

Chapter 1 will be posted on Monday, March 2nd!