Kindle Unlimited & Reviews

Before this turns into a soap box post, I want to tell you that Catch Me is now part of the Kindle Unlimited Program, which means if you're signed up for it, you can read it for FREE! :) Remember, when you read books on that program, the author only gets paid if you reach the 10% mark of the book. Here's the link: Catch Me. Happy reading! :)

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews... I know I'm not the only author having issues getting people to leave reviews for her on Amazon. The thing is, I see that you're buying the book. I can only hope that you read the book, and then pray you leave a review for me (an honest one, I'm not asking you to rave if you don't feel it's worth raving about). It's very important for us and other readers that may be interested in buying the book but don't know if it'll be worth it for them, so please, I beg you, leave a review when you finish reading a book.