News, and stuff.

Hello, lovelies. It's been a while, and because of that I'm going to update you on some things. I love lists, so that's how I'll do it.

1. I went to San Francisco last weekend for a book signing and fell in love. I left a piece of my heart there. Seriously.

2. People keep asking me if I'm releasing Prisoner in April. The answer is no. Apparently somebody put "April 1st 2014" as the release date on Goodreads. That is not accurate. This summer will mark one year since I started writing that book so trust me when I tell you that I want it out of my hands more than you want it in yours. But it's not ready. It will be soon and when it is, you'll be the very first to know.


4. I can't give much information on The Devil's Contract because I don't want to ruin it for you BUT I will start sharing tiny teasers soon. The only thing I'm going to say is: it's not what you think (is it ever? ;) ) 
That's all for now :). 
Smile, because life is sucky. Don't give it the satisfaction of seeing your frown.