What have you been up to? What am I up to?

I never realized how busy the holidays *really* are until they arrive. December is busy, busy, busy. January is probably equally as busy. A lot of birthdays around here (mine included) so that makes it holidays, birthdays--------> and then finally, there's some time to "chill".

Anyway, I got new swag (yay!). Bags are here, new bookmarks are here, mugs are here...I'm only missing pens now (I think that's all I'm missing). I am SOOO ready for NOLA in February. I think I've been ready since the signing was announced lol.

I haven't been writing much because as I mentioned before this season is very busy and I can't concentrate on it. I write daily, just not the stories I'm supposed to be writing. It's just a thing I have to do-a journal entry, a sucky poem, a funny little story...I just have to write something every day to keep myself sane. It's a dumb habit I developed when I was young and still had one of those diaries that closed with a little lock, now I can't kick it.

I've also been reading some, which is great since I haven't gotten to read much this year. Have you read Rainbow Rowell? If not, you're totally missing out on great storytelling. My goodness that woman can write a good book! I have to read Eleanor & Park next and I am soooo looking forward to Landline! I love being introduced to authors to get giddy over :).